A Kitten's Tale - Pattern Set

SKU: Y433


Inspired by Lynette's family pets, Hugo the dog and the cats Fatcat, Freckle and Felix and the crazy antics they get up to daily. This quilt was a delight for Lynette to design and stitch with its combination of appliqué, simple piecing, stitchery and the fabulously fun yoyo's.

Approximate finished size of the quilt 54" x 62".

This is a nine part pattern set and this price is for the patterns only, we have full kits available please see related products.

Requirements for the whole quilt

  • 5/8y grey daisy print
  • 1/4y plum tonal
  • 3/8y blue teapot print
  • 1/4y mauve sewing notions print
  • 1/4y dark blue floral tonal
  • 1/4y blue grey tonal
  • 3/8y blue floral tonal
  • 1/4y blue button print
  • 1/8y cream sewing notion print
  • 1/4y cream teapot print
  • 1/8y dark blue stripe print
  • 1/4y cream button print
  • 1/4y red button print
  • 3/8y light grey daisy print
  • 1/4y  grey tonal
  • 3/8y mauve stripe print
  • 1/4y  green tonal sprig print
  • 1/4y  cream tonal sprig print
  • 1/4y  pink teapot print
  • 3/8y  green sewing notions print
  • 1/8y brown stripe print
  • 1/4y  mauve floral tonal
  • 1/4y  green button print
  • 3/8y  blue tonal sprig print
  • 1/8y  grey criss-cross tonal
  • 3/8y grey dot tonal
  • 1/8y  brown thread spool print
  • 3/8y  grey stripe print
  • Embroidery threads to match your fabrics, I used Cosmo #368 pale brown, #385 brown, #924 green, #2981 blue, #895 charcoal, #245 red, #236 pink & #764 mauve (DMC conversions #3782, #839, #3012, #926, #3021, #815, #3726 & #3740)
  • Template plastic
  • Binding
  • Backing
  • Batting
  • General sewing supplies

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